Sunday, 14 July 2013

American Ideology

Lord Charles and King Sugar were excited about going to a vintage and classical vehicle show.  King Sugar especially enjoys motorcycles.

It was a sunny, hot day and they both put on hats.  King Sugar got a little hand massage with the application of sun cream, but Lord Charles insisted that he didn’t need any.  King Sugar also had his sunglasses.  With these preparations, they were ready for the morning's outing.

As they were driving over, Daniel commented when someone passed him, “The guy in the Ferrari passes everyone, except the petrol station.  It stops each and every time.”  He often gets annoyed by other drivers, especially those that pass him or wait too long to go at the roundabouts.  Iris enjoyed his jokes though.

When they got there, Iris said, “I’ve got the money, I’m in charge.”  Daniel commented, “No, you have to pay.”

Iris conceded to that one but then said she was in charge because she was the only female.  That didn’t work either.  Once they were inside the show, Daniel kept running off to look at exhibits and things to buy, made phone calls and texts, and got money out of the cash machine, leaving her to wait on the Royals most of the time.  At least he pushed King Sugar’s manual chair, while she steered Lord Charles’ electric one.

They all got very hot and after a couple of hours the Royals could barely keep their heads up.  In fact, King Sugar needed a head strap not long into the morning.  He got Iris to phone his Mum to let her know where he was, evidence that some men never grow up as he’s in his fifties.  When they got back to the Castle, both of the Royals went to bed.

After lunch, Iris got Lord William a cup of coffee while he watched a film.  She let it cool off a little before handing it to him because that was what she was told to do in her last supervision.  But after taking a sip, he told her he wanted it hotter!  She went back to the kitchen and added a little more boiling water and some more sugar for good measure.  That was a success.

The film Lord William and a few other Royals watched in the lounge was called Horton Hears a Who (2008), a cartoon based on a book by Dr Seuss about an elephant who struggles to protect a microscopic community (Iris was sure there was a hidden meaning to this bizarre theme).  She watched a bit while she did her notes, and sure enough, she noticed a lot of American ideology coming through.

The Royals watch a lot of American TV programmes and films, most of them with the same type of ideology.  Well, Iris thought, the world is succumbing to this ideology, and that’s why places such as this Castle are sprouting up like weeds.  She wondered if there was something better she should be doing for her employment, but couldn’t think of anything.  She felt that being a witness to how human beings were changing to being totally dependent for basic needs because of all the ideology stemming from the country of independence was worthwhile.  Americans celebrate Independence Day every 4th of July, but the caring industry is the fastest growing one in that country, caring as in Castle Health Care, which is the furthest one can get from being independent.

Iris took the photos at the show (which for those new to this blog, is in England) and these things were far from the only ones with an American theme, more American ideology.  The car above had Texas licence plates.  She didn't dislike her homeland, just some of what was growing there and spreading all over the world.

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