Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Smiley Faces

Petunia, Petunia, Petunia.  Iris was amazed at her audacity.  After causing a commotion by her absence on Monday, she acted as if she knew nothing about it.  Not only had she not offered anyone an apology, she had strutted around giving out orders.  “One of you should be doing one on one with the Royals on the other wing.”  That’s what she had said to Iris and Lily as they sat chatting briefly about Lily’s sister who was born disabled and has lived her whole life in Scotland, many miles away from her family.  Iris was quick to reply and said that Lily was giving her information to put in the notes later, which was true except they hadn’t quite gotten to it at that point.
Petunia was supposed to be doing caring work for Lord Frederic.  A twelve hour shift on her day off.  This seemed to be having a bad effect on her already bossy nature.  She was hard at it.  Even though she was supposed to be with Lord Frederic, she seemed to search out Iris after Lily had gone and have a go.
Petunia, “What are doing?”
Iris, “I’m having a drink of water to cool off and I’m in the middle of several things on the other wing.  Why do you ask?”
Petunia, “Eh, I want to know what you’re doing.”
Iris, “Why?”
Petunia, “The film is over in the lounge and you should do an activity.”
Unfortunately, Iris was a bit short in her reply, “I’m not doing an activity.”  She then proceeded to give excuses which had nothing to do with the situation.  Petunia acted as if she was making a mental note of Iris’ refusal to do an activity so that she could use this against her in any way she could think of at a later date.  In a nonsensical supervision perhaps?
Iris continued drinking her water and then went over to the other wing.  She stopped to talk to Daniel and the Chef who were eating on the patio.  “I’m going to kill Petunia.”  They both said, “Join the long queue.”  The Chef then started singing the theme song from Rocky and Iris danced around punching the air.  They all laughed.
Iris next spoke to the podiatrist in the dining room who was busy working on Queen Nef’s feet.  She showed Iris a corn on one of Queen Nef’s toes and they discussed how she got it even though she sits in a chair when she’s not in bed except for the rare occasion when she walks for ten minutes with a walker and the assistance of a physiotherapist.  The podiatrist said that Queen Nef’s foot must be rubbing on her shoe (a Converse sneaker).  Iris often wondered why any of the wheelchair bound Royals wore shoes at all.  She never wore them in her house.  Then she asked about the other Royals that she needed to see.  Iris discovered that they were all in bed and needed to be put in their chairs.
Janine, Judith and Gary were busy with the new Royal, Princess Oliophila, who had just arrived.  Iris went to Janine and asked how she could help to get the other Royals up for the podiatrist.  Janine said to ask Petunia for help.  Iris went to the lounge where Petunia was sitting.
Iris, “Janine said you might be needed to help get a Royal or two into their chairs for the podiatrist.”
Petunia, “I’m watching Lord Frederick and can’t leave when Nancy is away.”
Iris, “I’m sure Janine would not expect you to leave Lord Frederick alone with three other Royals. I think she meant to help when Nancy returns.”
Iris then left to check on a Royal on the other wing and passed Princess Sofia who had just returned from the hospital where she had had a check-up.  She said, “I have a smiley face.” Iris, “You do?”  Princess Sofia said yes, lifted up her shirt and stuck out her operation scarred tummy.  It had eyes and a mouth drawn in ink around a bump from a hernia that was next to her belly button.  Sure enough, it looked like a smiley face.  It was funny and Princess Sofia got a few others to laugh at it as well.
Iris also went with Lord Felix to feed Dylan the rabbit.  They passed some flowers that looked like they had big spiders on top which Iris pointed out.  When they went into the shed, they discovered that there was very little rabbit food left.  They returned to tell Petunia who was in charge of this, and she cornered Iris against a wall with her buxom body, standing really close in an aggressive manner.  Iris was unable to move because Lord Felix was on one side and a chair was on the other. Luckily, Iris was able to bring this uncomfortable situation to an end quickly.
Later, Iris popped her head into Earl of Gaia’s room and found Petunia there with Samantha getting him ready.  Iris got a little satisfaction out of having been instrumental in getting Petunia to do that.  Now Petunia was actually doing something useful for a change, she had thought.
After dinner, Iris saw Petunia drive off in the mini-bus and they waved to each other with smiley faces.  The conflict was sure to continue tomorrow or was it a comedy?
Failing being able to provide a photo of the smiley face on Princess Sofia’s tummy, one on the back of a spider is reproduced for this article from the interesting website called

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